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Are you ready for a life-changing teaching adventure? We invite you to join our esteemed teaching program in Thailand for one semester, spanning a period of five months. With over 52 school locations available across the country, this is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture, make a difference in students' lives, and explore the wonders of this captivating nation.


Why Choose Our Semester Teaching Program in Thailand?

  1. Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich tapestry of Thai culture firsthand. From vibrant cityscapes to serene rural communities, each location offers its unique blend of traditions, festivals, and warm hospitality. Immerse yourself in local customs, savor authentic cuisine, and develop a profound appreciation for the Thai way of life.
  2. Impactful Teaching: Engage with enthusiastic students who are eager to learn English and broaden their horizons. By sharing your knowledge and passion, you can make a lasting impact on their educational journey. Witness their growth, ignite their curiosity, and empower them with essential language skills for their future.
  3. Diverse Teaching Environments: With 52+ school locations to choose from, you'll find the perfect teaching environment that aligns with your preferences and teaching style. Whether you prefer the bustling energy of a city or the tranquility of a rural setting, there's a school waiting to welcome your unique talents.
  4. Explore Thailand: During your free time, embark on unforgettable adventures across Thailand's diverse landscapes. Explore breathtaking beaches, visit ancient temples, wander through bustling markets, and sample delectable cuisine. This is your chance to create cherished memories while experiencing the wonders of this remarkable country.

Join our dynamic teaching program in Thailand and be part of an incredible educational journey. Discover the beauty of 52 different locations, ignite young minds, and create lasting memories that will shape your teaching career


• Native English speaker from the following countries: AUS, CAN, IRL, NZ, SA, UK, and USA
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
• Aged 58 or under
• Energetic and enthusiastic about creating a fun, interactive learning environment for your students

** Due to the volume of applications we receive, only candidates who meet the above criteria will be contacted. **

English Conversation with SINE

As an English Conversation Teacher with SINE Education, you will provide in-class English conversation lessons to students aged 12-18 in one of our partner schools in central Bangkok, Outer Bangkok, Central Thailand or north east Thailand. You will be using SINE Education’s multimedia equipment and lesson plans to conduct your lessons, and since all lessons are provided to you, you can spend your time and energy creating a fun and exciting learning environment for your students!

English Conversation Teachers:

• Contracts from October 2023 to March 2024.
• Starting salary of 33,000 Thai baht plus 2,000THB Cost of Living Allowance for Bangkok
• End of contract bonus up to 10,000 baht
• Extra pay for teaching special classes such as IEP
• No lesson planning - All teaching materials provided by SINE
• Maximum 24 teaching hours per week

For ALL SINE Teachers

• Aetna health insurance
• Work permit paid for by SINE on receipt of clean Non-B visa
• Paid Thai public holidays
• SINE multimedia equipment in all classrooms
• Airport pick-up and help finding accommodation
• Dedicated coordinator in each school
• Dedicated visa team